International Friendship

 Dynamic Aikisambo International Friendship

Mark san and Jeff san

Mark san and Jeff san from Sacramento came visiting Japan
The time period 9Nov to 14 Nov 2010.
Thanks to the Kind hospitality by Mark san and Jeff san,I had a good time in Sacramento,California,USA,this summer.It was a good reunion in Japan.
They came to Japan and spent four days to enjoy the tour of Tokyo,Yokohama,Kamakura and Yokosuka. They were blessed with the good autumn weather. during their stay.
In Tokyo,they enjoyed walking around the Imperial Palace and Ginza shopping streets.After all day walking tour,we had a Sushi dinner in Ginza.
In Yokohama, they enjoyed walking around Isezaki Shopping mall,China Town,Motomachi shopping mall, and harbor view Yamashita Park. We enjoyed the Gyoza dinner at night.
In Kamakura,we did a short hiking to enjoy the nature of Kamakura.,At the Engakuji Temple,we had a chance to enjoy watching the Kyudo practice and the Japanese green tea at the tea house.We walked through the beautiful flower garden at the Tokeiji temple.
Mark san and Jeff san had a unique experience visiting the money washing temple.They washed their money wishing for the good fortune.
We finished our tour with the beautiful sunset at Kamakura beach looking at Mt.Fuji over the Enoshima Island..
In Yokosuka, we did a short bicycle trip to enjoy the seaside view of Yokosuka..We also did a short beach side Aikisambo training.
We finished our day with the Sayonara BBQ party for Mark san and Jeff san.We did a Kanpai toast for our reunion and our good old friendship.

Kevin Blok Sensei

On 28 Nov 2010.
Kevin Blok Sensei from Windsor,Canada made a short stop in Yokosuka to enjoy the last day in Japan with the local night tour and dinner gettogether in Yokosuka.
The dinner started at 7pm. A total of 27 people joined the dinenr.We started with Sushi and Yakiniku Korean BBQ andShabushabu all you can eat.We had lots of beer and Japanese sake.Two Japanese guests ,Mr.Kogure and Nishihara joined the table with Blok Sensei and enjoyed the dinner with all guests from US and Canada. It was agood reunion to warm our good old friendship.

I am scheduled to visit Kevin Blok Sensei and his dojo and conduct one day. Aikisambo seminar for his students in the first week of Novemeber.
Rustam Sensei

On 29 and 30 Nov 2010
Rustam Sensei from Sutemi Dojo in Saint Petersburg,Russia came to spend two days for the tour of Yokohama,Kamakura and Yokosuka.
He came with four students from Sutemi Dojo.They came to Japan to participate in the 55th Yoshinkan Enbutaikai in Tokyo on 20 Nov.After the event they spent one week training at Ryu Dojo in Urayasu,Chiba.Rustam Senseitook a Shinsa for Godan.
He went throught the intensive training to pass the test.While in Tokyo and Chiba,they did not have any free time to enjoy shopping and sightseeing in Japan..When they came to Yokohama,they enjoyed their Omiyage shopping,Gyoza dinner and experienced going to the local bath house to relax..Next day they went tro Kamakura and enjoyed the Sushi pinic in the park by Kamakura beach.
The weather was nice and warm and they enjoyed a short seaside hiking.They made a stop at Inamuragasaki to enjoy the view of the ocean and Enoshima Island.They came to Yokosuka in the evening and enjoyed their Sayonara BBQ party with beer and Russian Vodka.
I hope they went back home in Russia with lots of good memories from Japan.

Andrei Vakulin Sensei and His Uchideshi

Vakulin Sensei hosted a seminar for my Dynamic Aikisambo in Nov 2010 in Podolsk,Russia.
Many people came to enjoy my seminar. After the seminar,Vakulin Sensei and His Uchideshi entertained me with the traditional Russian Sauna and BBQ. I experienced a special Misogi ceremony in the snow.Hot Sauna was very nice and relaxing.The Russian BBQ dinner was very tasty and was unforgetable experience.I enjoyed their friendship and their kind hospitality.I felt the true spirit of harmony.I would like to toast Kanpai to Good training and good friendship.
Andrei Vakulin Sensei decided to come visiting Japan at the end of May 2011 with five of his Uchideshi students.

Podolsk,Russia television interview with Sensei Nakazawa

Steven Miranda

He is a Dojocho at Seikeikan Dojo in Sacramento,California,USA.He holds the rank of Godan in Yoshinkan Aikido and is a senior student of Parker Shihan.I have attended his seminars with Parker Shihan twice and enjoyed the training,historical and cultural tour of sacaramento and good friendship with many of his students.He is planning a 50th anniversary seminar for Parker Shihan in June 2012 and I look forward to attending and joining the big celebration.

Jeff Carr,a Marine Chemist from San Diego,USA

Jeff and I have been working together for three years to support all US Navy ships homeported in Yokosuka.
He always tellme many nice things about San Diego. I have been wanting to open an Aikisambo branch dojo in San Diego.
In 2012 I have a plan to come visiting California and spend one week in Sacraento and one week in San Diego to conduct my Aikisambo seminar.I look forward to meeting him and his family.I plan to enjoy visiting many interesting local places,training at th elocal dojos and good friendship with Jeff’s family.

Aleksandr Sinogub

Aleksandr san is a local Aikido instructor in Kiev,Ukraine. He has a good Karate background.
He was impressed by my Aikisambo techniques that are practical and effective for self defense .
He saw my techniques in the U-Tube and requested me to come to Kiev and conduct my Aikisambo seminar in Oct.
He came to Japan in Nov last year to join the Enbutaikai in Tokyo and enjoyed th edinner get together in Yokosuka with me.
We enjoyed our reunion. I am looking forward to seeing him in Kiev this coming fall.I hope this will be a great opportunity to spread my Aikisambo in Kiev,Ukraine.

Mike Jacob from Genoa,Ohio,USA

Sensei Michael Jacobs
Dojo cho(Chief Instructor) Michael Jacobs Sensei began studying martial
arts in 1986,
Currently he holds rank in several martial arts including
:Godan (5th degree black belt) in Tae Kwando/Karate-do,
Godan (5th degree black belt) in Aikido,
Yondan (4th degree black belt ) in Iaido,
and Yondan (4th degree black belt ) in Judo/Jujitsu.

Mike san has been my good old Aikido friend for a long time. He trained with Blok Sensei from Chudokan in Windsor,Canada.
He is a cheif instructor at Shinsuikan Dojo.He came to Japan last Nov to participate in the Yoshinkan Aikido Enbutaikai in Tokyo.
After the Ebutaikai,he went to Kyoto and then came to visit me in Yokosuka.We had adinner together and had agreat time together.
I had a pleasure of meeting and talking with his wife.They are inviting me to his dojo in Ohio. I am look forward to my reunion with him and his wife and his Oct.I am getting excited about this trip to US.



Jonathan Kruger

He was born in Zambia.
His ancestor came to Africa in 1721 from Berlin,Germany.
His great great grandfather was Paul Kruger President of South Africa.
Jonathan teaches Judo and Jujitsu 4 times a week mainly too the underpriviledged youth.
He began his formal studies of martial arts in 1987.He studied under his father Shihan John Kruger 6th dan Kodokwan Jujitsu in his home town of Kitwe,Zambia.He continued his studies of Judo and Jujitsu in Japan while working inOsaka,japan as a missionary from 1991 to 1998.
He represented Zambia in many Judo tournaments around Japan,uncluding the 1995 World Judo Championship held in Chiba,Japan.
He holds the grade of 4th dan in Judo with the Zambia Judo Association ZJA,and 7th dan in Jujitsu with the Europe Jujitsu Union EJJU.
Jonathan Sensei visited my website and saw my Aikisambo techniques on T-Tube and requested me for affiliation with my dojo. I have been requested to come and teach my Aikisambo self defense techniques in his dojo in
Kitwe,Zambia.We have been exchanging E-mails to discuss about my future Aikisambo seminar and workshop in Zambia and opening a new branch Aikisambo dojo in Zambia.I am getting excited about my trip to Zambia to meet Jonathan Sensei and all his students in his dojo.He has 60 students he is teaching and taking care in his dojo. Recently he has attended the big Judo championship in Lusaka with his students and he made a great accomplishment.Now he is getting ready to participate in the All Africa Judo Championship in South Africa in Nov 2011.

Greetings from Kitwe. My Name is Jonathan Kruger.
I would like to take this opportunity to write you about some World War 2 Zambian veterans that I have always admired ever since I was little boy.
These are the Zambian war veterans heros of( The Kings African Rifles) regiment that fought on the Battle fields of North Africa against Rommels Africa Korps.
In Somalia against the Italian somali Land and the Japanese Imperial Army fighting.
Against British forces in Burma. And in Madagascar to secure the island against Japanese attacks. Later on the Kings African Rifles of Northern Rhodesia were sent along with other Commonwealth forces to Malaysia to combat the threat of Communism coming in from the Indonesian Communist guerilla forces that threatened to try and take control of that Country.
I first heard about these brave heroes from Late father John David Kruger.
Who was in the British territorial army of the Royal Northern Rhodesian Regiment in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My father was one of the first Royal Northern Rhodesian regiment soldiers to Join the newly formed Zambian Army at the Arakan barracks on Zambias Independence Day,24th October 1964, and on that same day he gave in his Northern Rhodesian passport and become a Proud Zambian citizen .

My father had trained along side them and spoke very highly of them all his life. When I was 10 years on the Armistice day celebration in Kitwe at the city square I saw my first Kings African Rifles war hero veteran.
To my great surprise I saw he had many medals among them what looked like a George Cross.
Which is the second highest medal given to any British soldier serving in the British army next to highest honour medal the Victoria Cross.
This old gentleman had served the Kings African Rifles in Burma from 1943 to 1945 and won the George Cross near the Kohima and region with his regiment along side a Indian regiment and the British army.
The Kings African Rifles fought for three days to take a Japanese mountain strong hold.
Eventually after days of fighting and constant charges up the hill and the death of most of the brave Kings African Rifles the hill was taken from the Japanese Imperial Army.
Many Medals were awarded to the brave African soldiers that day, and among them was this old gentleman that I met in Kitwe on Armistice day.

There is a famous picture of the Kings African Rifles after taking the hill standing proudly holdinga captured Japanese regimental flag. My family came to Zambia in 1898.
My great grandfather was one of the first Europeans to be born in Livingstone in 1898.
My Kruger family has always being extremely proud to be Zambians.
And my heart has always gone out to those who have given their lives to make a better and safer world for us to live in. To day among these great men around the world are some very special true heroes right here in Zambia.
The Kings Africa Rifles! Men who gave every thing even their very own lives for us all in the world.
I believe these truly are Zambias unsong heroes. On Armistice day 11th November this year the remaining survivors of the Kings Africa Rifles will join Armistice day celebrations to remember their Zambian comrades who fell on different battle fields around the world.
In Luanshya city there only five left to tell their remarkable stories of extraordinary bravery of the life and death situations on the battle field.As a true and Proud Zambian Citizen please join me in celebrating and recognising these extraordinary men and their deeds of bravery.
If you feel you in your heart that you would like to support or give to these gentlemen in anyway, please feel free to contact me.
I know the Lord will bless you for that.

My email address is or cellphone 0966 782339 .

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.God bless,Jonathan Kruger
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