USA Visitors

In June 2015 I was visited by a group of guests from Seikeikan dojo in Sacramento,California,USA. Steven Miranda, a dojocho of Seikeikan is the most senior American student of the late Parker Shihan Yoshinkan 9th dan. Parker Shihan was my original Aikido Sensei.and had lived in Japan for 35 years training with Terada Hanshi 10th dan.
Two years ago, I was invited to attend his  seminar. It was the last seminar conducted by him. I miss the training with him in Yokosuka, Japan. Steven and I enjoyed our reunion, our joint training demonstration. Steven Miranda Sensei and his 7 students enjoyed the cultural tour of Japan

They went to visit Terada Hanshi’s resting place to pay Kamakura.

I plan to go visit his dojo next year.