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Dynamic Aikisambo by Kenji Nakazawa is a combination of Yoshinakan Aikido techniques and the traditional Russian Sambo combat techniques.

Aikisambo is a unique method of combat system for self defence that starts with the effective blocking techniques,and striking techniques by hands and feet. Aikisambo has many practical throwing techniques, grappling techniques, joint lock techniques and submission techniques.

Aikisambo is a simple and yet effective form of self defence and anyone can learn and enjoy practicing regardless of age and sex.

Aikisambo effectiveness is based on its natural movements, priciples of evasiveness, balancing, speedy footwork,cognizance of anatomy and physical mechanics.

Aikisambo can not be understood by just watching from a distance. The best way is to experience its technique personally on your own body.

The purpose of learning Aikisambo is not to decide who is the winner or not.,but to enjoy learning numerous unique and yet effective and practical techniques and to make continuous efforts for improvement.

Aikisambo has a total of 90 practical and effective techniques for self defence.

What does Ryuseikan Mean?

RYU is a kanji for Yagyushinganryu. This name was given by Shimazu Kenji Sensei of Yagyushinganryu. Ryu also means flexible and undefeatable. Sei is a kanji meaning the Saint Grandmasters such as Ueshiba Sensei and Shioda Sensei. Sei means that the great spirit of Grandmasters still live in my dojo.

Shimazu Kenji Sensei

Shimazu Kenji Sensei

Dynamic Aikisambo Training Location

Dynamic Aikisambo class is being taught by Kenji Nakazawa at the Martial Arts room on 5th floor of Fleet Recreation Center on base in Yokosuka every Mon and Wed night from 1900 to 2030.Dynamic Aikisambo offbase class is being taught  by Kenji Nakazawa and Victor Koga Sensei on 1st and 3rd Sat every month at Daiei Shopping Mall Yomiuri Cultural Center Dojo from 1600 to 1730.Dynamic Aikisambo Outdoor Training class is being offered every Sunday afternoon from 1300 to 1600 by Kenji Nakazawa if weather permits.For anyone wishing to attend any class mentioned above,please contact Mr.Kenji Nakazawa and make an appointment with him.
Tel 09080274609 | E-mail: kenji_aiki2003@live.com

Dynamic Aikisambo For Everyone

Dynamic Aikisambo is recommended for those who have basic knowledge and foundation of Aikido, Judo and Wrestling. Many Aikisambo techniques can be applied in conjunction with the comtemporary Aikido techniques.Some Aikisambo throwing and grappling techniques are similar to Judo and Wrestling. What is unique about the Aikisambo is that in Aikisambo, the striking techniques both by hands and feet are used before any throwing and grappling techniques. Whether you have some experiences in Aikido, Judo and Wrestling, you will find Aikisambo techniques very unique and interesting.