Theory & Concept


In doing Aikisambo techniques, we blend with the motion of the attacker and redirect the force of the attack instead of opposing it head on. The goal is to use Aikisambo Techniques to defend yourself and protect the attacker from injury.  Aikisambo techniques are usually a defence against an attack. Therefore to practice Aikisambo techniques with the partner, students must learn to deliver various types of attacks. Honest attacks are needed to study correct and effective application of techniques. It is also important to understand the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the best suitable position and timing to apply a counter techniques.

● Aikisambo Striking Techniques

In Aikisambo,the effective striking techniques are used to destruct your opponents and set up for the throwing,grappling and submission techniques. Various striking techniques using hands and feet are recommended to facilitate the techniques to control your opponents.


It is usually used to avoid an attack such that the receiver of the attack ends up in an advantageous position. An example of Tai sabaki is moving off the line of attack using Irimi and Tenkan movements rather than to move against the attack.This implies the use of harmony rather than physical strength.

●Dynamic Aikisambo Throwing techniques

1. Flying scissors or Ryoashi Kanibasami

2.Migite Obitorigaeshi.

3.Hidarite Obitorigaeshi

When you combine the effective striking techniques, the throwing techniques can be easily applied. When your opponent’s balance is broken by the striking technique, it makes so easy for Shite to make any kind of throw. The effective striking technique results in an effective Taisabaki or dodging and Kuzushi or Breaking balance.