Benefits of Training

I enjoy the training and friendship with Steven Miranda Dojocho at Seikeikan Dojo in Sacramento、California,USA.
I enjoy the local sightseeing tour,culural and historical tour and wine tasting tour.The benefit you get from the oversea Aikisambo tour is beyond description.

I enjoy the training with Andrii Berezhnoi Sensei at Kiyokan dojo in Kiev,Ukraine. I enjoy the local sightseeing,(Walking tour of history,culture and nature)
I also enjoy the optional tour of Yalta. and good friendship with his students ansd friends.

I enjoy the training at Misogi kan dojo in Moscow with David Ayers Sensei and his students. I also enjoy the friendship with his family and friends.

Dynamic Aikisambo International Friendship with Moscow,Russia
David Ayers Sensei is a Kancho for Misogikan Dojo in Moscow,Russia.I have met David Sensei in May 1999 during an international Yoshinkan Aikido seminar in Kamakura with Terada Hanshi.In June 2001 he invited Terada Hanshi and a group of people from Japan including myself to Moscow.We have received a kind hospitality from him,his family and his students.
David Sensei came to Russia from UK back in 1995 and started teaching the Yoshinkan Aikido .Many people have received the instruction from him.He is a pioneer of Yoshinkan Aikido in Russia. He made a great contribution trying to spread the Yoshinkan Aikido all over Russia including Siberia.

His wife,Oksana is from Ukraine and is a good cook.
I enjoy her homemade meals everytime I visit Moscow.
I have visited his dojo several times and enjoyed the training with his students.I have lots of fond memories from my trip visiting Moscow thanks to the kind hospitality of David Sensei.
In May 2002, I made a trip to Kiso,Nagano with David Sensei, his wife,Oksana and Rustam, another instructor from Saint Petersburg.They enjoyed the trip very much.We stayed at an old Minshuku in the quiet village of Kakizore Canyon in Kiso,Nagano.They enjoyed the traditional Japanese dishes,Sake and hot spring. I look forward to our near future reunion in Japan.

I enjoy the training at Sutemi dojo in Saint Petersburg with Rustam Sensei and his students. This is a best way to learn about the history,culture and nature of Russia from Russian friends through Aikisambo training.
Saint Petersburg is a cultural capitol of Russia and it has a lot to see such as Hermitage Museum,Catherine the Great Summer Palace and etc.
They also enjoy the Aikisambo training and cultural tour and friendship with people in Japan.

In our modern day life,we tend to spend lots of time for computer at work and at home and not enough live communication with people. Modern technology prevents people from going out to meeta nd talk with people and enjoying the outdoor activities.
Aikisambo training provides the opportunity to enjoy meeting people and communicating with people. We often conduct a joint inddor training at th edojo on base in Yokosuka on weekends.
This is a chance for Japanese students off base to come and experience Aikisambo training and American culture.
With American students ,sometimes they can visit the ship and enjoy American dinner.
We often conduct a joint outdoor Aikisambo training in and around Yokosuka.Yokosuka has many nice parks and beaches all around.
Both American and Japanese students can enjoy the training in the nature,BBQ on the beach after the training and finishing with the local hot spring treat.
We also conduct this outdoor training in kamakura.Americanstudents are invited to come out and enjoy the unique expperience of training and cultural tur of Kamakura on the same day.
American students from Yokosuka base can experience sitting in the temple for Zen meditation early in the morning with the Zen temple priest.
They can also enjoy the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at th etea house in the temple.
This is a chance for American students to relax and enjoy the Japanese culture and meeting and talking with Japanese people.