Serbia Visit 2015

The first time Aikisambo seminar and workshop was conducted in Vrsac,Serbia from 13 through 17 July 2015.
In July 2015 I was invited to come to Serbia to conduct my first time aikisambo seminar and workshop. MSS Adrijana and Petar Bozic have arranged all the schedule for me.  Adrijana Barsi is the female dojocho in a town called Vrsac. She has many students, both adults and children.

The first day seminar started with my Aikisambo demonstration. After the demo, I gave everybody hands on experience for my Aikisambo techniques. I taught the ten basic techniques during the seminar. I got the impression that everybody enjoyed learning the basic Aikisambo techniques.
I will come back again next summer to teach more advance techniques.  It looks like I am starting another Aikisambo branch dojo in Vrsac, Serbia.  I like to thank both Adrijana and Peter for being my Uke during the seminar. I also like to thank Gorana san for  being my  interpretor during the seminar. Without their kind support, the success of my seminar was impossible.

I also had a meeting and talking with the city mayor of Vrsac, the president of Sports Club and the President of international friendship society. Another highlight of the trip was meeting and talking with the Serbian Bishop in Vrsac. He invited me to join his afternoon tea party in the garden of his palace. After the tea party he invited me to attend the special Sunday ceremony at the main church. I had a great pleasure and honor to attend this special ceremony.