Aikisambo & Aikido

The purpose of learning Aikisambo is not to decide who is the winner or not., but to enjoy learning numerous unique and yet effective and practical techniques and to make continuous efforts for improvement. I hope my Aikisambo will continue to gain more fans and practioners around the world.

Aikisambo is a unique self defense technical method that makes defense primary and offence secondary. The technique of Aikisambo is very effective and can cause intensive pain that makes people lose the intention to fight. The goal is to use the minimum strength and gain the maximum effect.

The initial step that most students learn is how to safely fall and roll. Next, Students learn Sabaki or evasion technique. It enables the defender to move quickly out of the opponents attacking line, in turn offsets the balance and sets up the reestablished position for an effective Atemi or counterstrike techniques.

After the basic techniques are learned, students study freestyle defense against multiple opponents.

Aikisambo and Aikido

 People who have the basic knowledge and foundation of Aikido can easily learn Aikisambo techniques as they can be applied based on Aikido techniques. Examples of Aikisambo techniques to use in conjunction with Aikido techniques is as follows: For Aikido Ikkajo techniques ,the following AikiSambo techniques are used.
1. Kubikari jujigatame
2. Harakari jujigatame
3. Kumogatame
4. Ashigarami
5. Hijikansetsugatame
6. Hizakansetsugatame
7. Matakansetsugatame
8. Nelson Gatame

For Aikido Nikajo Techniques, the following AikiSambo techniques are used.

1. Hijishime Kubikarigatame
2. Izorinage
3. Udejujigatame
4. Hizajujigatame
5. Tomoe Gyakujujigatame
6. Sankakujime

For Aikido Sankajo Techniques; the following AikiSambo techniques are used.

1. Makinage
2. Hikokinage
3. Karaminage
4. Hijiotoshi
5. Tomoenage
6. Kataotoshi
7. Hijimaki Seoinage

For Aikido Kotegaeshi Techniques;  the following AikiSambo techniques are used.

1. Udejujigatame
2. Hizajujigatame
3. Kubijujigatame
4. Gyakugotegatame
5. Kote guruma
6. Kote kanibasami
7. Kote hijiotoshi
8. Kote Irimikuzushi
9. Kote Ashibarai
10. Kote Makinage

You can easily combine various other AikiSambo techniques with Aikido techniques such as Shihounage, Iriminage, Shoumennzuki attack, Shoumenuchi attack, Yokomenuchi attack, Mae geri, Yoko geri and Mawashi geri attack. You will find Aikisambo techniques very unique and interesting.