Training Method


Through Aikisambo training, you can learn to use your strength effectively. Systems of training includes the following:

a. Kihon Practice ( All Basic Skills)
Breakfalls, blocking, striking by hands and feet, basic posture (Kamae), footwork (Unpohou), Dodging (Sabaki), Kuzushi (unbalancing technique).

b. Kumite(Paired-Form Practice)
The Kihon skills learned through Solo training is used in Kumite to enable one to move in response to an opponent’s motions.
During Kumite practice, opponents are frequently changed so that everyone can train with everyone.

c. Randori
A very effective training method for learning how to apply Kihon and Kumite skills. Practice is performed by responding to an opponent in order to master the proper Mawai.
Distance strategy permits switching smoothly from one technique to another.

d. Enbu
When faced with an opponent’s various and changing attacks, it is essential to respond with appropriate technique. Enbu practice is also very effective for training oneself to seamlessly connect one technique to the next.


  1. Ukemiwaza or Breakfall
  2. Sabakiwaza or Dodging
  3. Kuzushiwaza or Balance breaking
  4. Atemiwaza or Striking by hands and feet
  5. Nukiwaza or Escape or release.
  6. Nagewaza or Throwing
  7. Newaza or Grappling
  8. Sutemiwaza or Sacrifice Throw
  9. Kansetsuwaza or Joint control
  10. Shimewaza or Choking