Unique character of Aikisambo

Dynamic Aikisambo by Kenji Nakazawa is a combination of traditional Japanese Aikido and Russian Sambo techniques. Aikisambo is a simple and effective form of self defence and anyone can learn and practice regardless of their age and sex. There are many benefits for everyone who want to practice Aikisambo.

Aikisambo is a unique method of combat system for self defence that has effective blocking techniques against striking attack, practical Atemi techniques by hands and feet, joint locks, pins, throws, takedowns, grappling and submission techniques.

It is my strong wish that many people will become interested in Aikisambo and learn to understand and enjoy it. The effectiveness of Aikisambo is based on its natural movements, principles of evasion, balance, cognizance of anatomy and physical mechanics.

Through the Aikisambo training you will acquire the physical strength, technical proficiency, mental confidence necessary to deal with adverse situations. Aikisambo can not be understood by just watching from a distance. Feeling is believing. The best way to understand the feeling and effectiveness of Aikisambo technique is to experience its technique personally on your own body.