USA – November

I came back home from USA last week. I conducted my aikisambo and Iaido seminar at various dojos all over California.

Steven Miranda Sensei arranged a seminar at his Seikeikan dojo in Sacramento,California in memory of Parker Shihan. Parker Shihan was a great Aikido master for me and Steven. Many people came and enjoyed my aikisambo and Iaido training. Some people came from Canada, Oregon and Fresno. They enjoyed my aikisambo technique very much. We enjoyed the Pizza and beer party after the training. It was a moment of good friendship.

Southern California, San Diego seems to be similar to Cape Town. They have many nice beaches. I had a chance to meet and talk and train with Brannon Sensei in Beverly Hills. He is a younger brother of Jaren Sensei at Taekwon Do dojo in Cape Town.  We trained in the park in Beverly Hills. It was nice and I enjoyed the training with him very much. I hope I can do the seminar in the future.

I am going to Hiroshima at the end of this month to attend the Kobudo Enbutaikai. I will stay in Yokosuka in December. In February 2018, I will visit Hoosain Narker Sensei in Cape Town, South Africa, then I want to read more of his books on Mas Oyama.