Welcome to the World of AikiSambo

Dynamic Aikisambo by Kenji Nakazawa is a combination of Yoshinkan Aikido techniques and traditional Russian Sambo combat techniques.

<blockquote><h3>Ryu Sei Kan Dojo</h3>RYU is a kanji for Yagyushinganryu. Ryu also means flexible & undefeatable. Sei is a kanji meaning the Saint.</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Katana</h3>Swordsmanship</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Gyakute</h3>ikkajo</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Goshin waza</h3>self defence</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Minami Afurika</h3>with friends</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Cape Town</h3>training at Ashihara Karate</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Johannesburg</h3>Terence Teraine, Kancho and Suzette Teraine</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>with Sambo teacher</h3>Victor Koga Sensei</blockquote>

Shinbokukai Schools

  • Aikisambo is a unique method of combat system for self defence that starts with the effective blocking techniques,and striking techniques by hands and feet.
  • Aikisambo has many practical throwing techniques, grappling techniques, joint lock techniques and submission techniques.
  • Aikisambo is a simple and yet effective form of self defence and anyone can learn and enjoy practicing regardless of age and sex.
  • Aikisambo effectiveness is based on its natural movements, principles of evasiveness, balancing, speedy footwork,cognizance of anatomy and physical mechanics.
  • Aikisambo can not be understood by just watching from a distance. The best way is to experience its technique personally on your own body.