Yokosuka Base Enbutaikai

June 7 Sunday we had a welcome to Japan dinner party at CPO club on base in Yokosuka for 6 guests from California, USA. 50 people came to enjoy the dinner and meeting and talking with the guests from USA. After the dinner we had a short walking tour of the base. At 3pm we started our joint Enbu with the guests from Tokyo, Yokohama and USA. It was a good opportunity for everyone to see the different Aikido techniques.We all enjoyed the excellent demo conducted by the Guests from USA.

Masaki Shuji Sensei 6th dan Yoshinkan Aikido. He is a dojo cho at Yokohama YMCA Aikido dojo. He has been in Yoshinkan Aikido for 35 years.

Yoshida Sensei from Yokohama Aikikai dojo. He is 5th dan and has been doing Aikido for 25 years.


It was a good showcase to introduce Aikisambo techniques to the Aikido people. They showed a strong interest in my unique aikisambo techniques.

Steven Miranda Sensei 6th dan Yoshinkan. He is the most senior American student of Amos Lee Parker Shihan 9th dan Yoshinkan. He conducted an excellent demonstartion before the audience.
Everybody enjoyed his superb Yoshinkan techiques. It was a nice reunion for me with him and his students.